Wine Touring & Cuisine Experiences

From the semi-tropical to exposed limestone fractures created via glacier movements,
New Zealand's wine and cuisine truly reflect the diversity of the land.


Travel is about discovery & experiences we can not have at home. Beyond simply being somewhere different, we hope you will enjoy wonderful products of New Zealand. Carefully prepared meals which center on quality ingredients is a point of pride for so many around the country. Don't worry- we are sure to recommend our favorite pie shops and local chips as well!

Wine Tasting

New Zealand wine is as distinct as the country itself. Although the Marlborough wine region placed the country on the map with the acidity found in its Sav Blanc, the entire country has come so far since the 1980s. Today top grape producers can be found in a number of regions, and true to so many things Kiwi, they are a both inviting and beautiful to visit.

Highlights & Suggestions