New Zealand Honeymoon

Whether looking for simply a private getaway or a combination of adventure and romance, there are few places in the world like New Zealand.
Spectacular natural vistas and beautiful landscapes will be your playground. Enjoying each other and this vast country will provide memories to last a lifetime.

Excellent Cuisine

Your time in New Zealand is an opportunity to share experience not easily found at home. We can help create a memorable honeymoon for you because our team has years of experience and can help shape your time and enjoy the most wonderful products available. Carefully prepared meals, created with quality ingredients is only the beginning to treating your senses!!

Wine Tasting

Spend a day amongst the wines- either on a self-guided bike trip or with a local guide! New Zealand wine is as distinct as the country itself. and today top producers are found in a number of regions. the best part is the discovery and shared experiences in this inviting and beautiful land.


Although Kiwis are known for their adventure, safety is the highest priority here. Very low crime rate, a lack of deadly animals and modern laws to protect freedoms expected of North American travelers are the beginning. If not ranked as the safest country in the world, New Zealand certainly ranks near the top in terms of safety annually. On your honeymoon you are meant to relax, and knowing certain aspects of safety are simply not a factor is a consideration for many.

Quality Accommodations

The lost art of being a good host is not lost on the Kiwis. Whether interested in top luxury properties, small B&Bs that dot the countryside, private cottages, lodges or in-town apartments, our team can help craft the best honeymoon for your budget. We do not work off of a commission to you but rather are provided wholesale rates from our partners throughout the country. Let us help create something authentic for your special time in New Zealand!