Walking, Hiking and Trekking New Zealand

A common mistake many first-time visitors will make when visiting New Zealand is trying to see too much.
This country is not meant to be taken in from the window of a moving vehicle!
Take the time to experience the wonder of this country via the thousands of miles of available tracks.

There are options to suit all levels of fitness- from short walks into the bush to multi-day treks into the wilderness.

Day Hikes

One of the best aspects of New Zealand is the diversity of its terrain. Within such a small amount of land mass one can walk on a semi-tropical beach and the next day hike next to glaciers. Day hikes are usually a few hours and including one or two in your itinerary is highly recommended.

Our team seamlessly includes day hikes and understands the balance between enjoying a must-see piece of nature without the experience being too overwhelming physically.

Short Walks

For those with smaller children or less ambulatory, there are accessible walks located across the country in national parks & reserve areas. Clear, wide paths through leisurely nature trails can be accessed from the car park and have one into the forest or on a secluded beach in a matter of minutes.

Our team understands which of these walks makes sense in your itinerary to witness and which may be either redundant or consume too much time. We match your interests and know which experiences will provide a good match for you!

Sample Day Walks

Cape Brett Walk

For those wanting to get out on a geographic limb this is a very nice day hike in the Northland. Beginning in Rawhiti, the walk offers beautiful coastal views ending at the Cape Brett lighthouse. Although there is a DOC hut where you can stay the night, the walk can be shortened via getting picked up and/ or dropped off at Deepwater Cove by water taxi.

Motorua Island Walk

This scenic reserve has a fantastic walking track- a 4.6km loop takes about 2hrs without stopping and there are great swimming beaches and snorkeling spots. Moturua has a long history of Maori settlement, early European explorers and the Navy during WWII. More recently as part of Project Island Song, North Island Robin (Toutouwai) and the North Island Brown Kiwi have been released, so keep your eyes and ears open! Accessed via water taxi from Russell or Paihia

Sample Short Walks

Haruru Falls & The Waitangi River

A lovely horseshoe shaped waterfall that’s only 3km from Paihia. Also connecting with a 5km walk through to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Explore the river your way from kayak, paddleboard, dinner cruise or drive to the top of the waterfall itself.

Waitangi Treaty Grounds

With sweeping views of the Bay of Islands in a park like setting, not only is Waitangi Treaty Grounds a significant national historical site, it is a very beautiful one. Follow the trails to historic sites and buildings, café, giant waka (canoes), carved meeting house. Take in a cultural performance or explore the new museum and learn about the Treaty of Waitangi. This is an island of history, knowledge, culture and beauty.

Trounson Kauri Park

An easy 40 minute loop walk takes you under the canopy of a thriving kauri stand, and gives you a sense of what untouched kauri forests were once like.

Tane Mahtua- The Tallest Kauri

Marvel at the ancient "Lord of the Forest" - Tane Mahuta has lived for over 2,000 years! This short, easy walk suitable for buggies and children will introduce you to Te Matua Ngahere, Father of the Forest and the Four Sisters, an unforgettable giant kauri experience.

The Ten Great Walks

The Great Walks have been designated by the government to showcase the country in locations of significance. Although pieces can be done as a day-walk, completing one of the Great Walks is a multi-day adventure. The season for the Great Walks follows that of fly fishing- between October and April. Expect huts with flushing toilets and gas available to cook meals. These should be reserved well in advance.

A Great Walk takes logistics for transportation and luggage before and after.. Our team can help build a Great Walk into your larger itinerary.

Guided Treks

For those looking for a more immersive experience, experienced guides are available to provide insight, experience and assistance. Transport to/from your accommodations, meals and more luxurious accommodations are available. Highly recommended for those looking to enrich their time and have interest to learn more about culture and stories of natural history.

A great guide can make or break an experience. We incorporate only the best from across New Zealand to make your time well spent and more enjoyable.