Museums, Local Artists, Gardens & Cultural Attractions

Experience unique cultural tours and artisan products only found in New Zealand.

Perfect for collecting gifts as well as a more personal understanding of the country and its people.

Local Artists

Meet local artists, traditional crafts people and those shaping modern New Zealand culture. Professional guides and self-touring options include photography, arranged meet-and-greets with artist and workshops in unique settings.

Botanical Gardens

Public botanical gardens, as well as those in private estates, showcase the special ecosystems throughout New Zealand. Found in both urban and more remote settings across the entire country, visiting provides a better understanding of the land and invites a closer connection with this beautiful country.

Traditions & Indigenous Arts

Maori are skilled artisans- known for their intricate weavings and carvings in addition to being accomplished hunters, fishers, gardeners and warriors. Today excellent opportunities exist to not only be welcomed and meet contemporary Maori, learn from authentic cultural experiences.

Sculpture Gardens

A great way to spend a few hours, sculpture gardens throughout New Zealand complement the landscape. A popular day on Waiheke Island includes a short sculpture walk while enjoying a glass of local wine.


New Zealand's largest cities are home to great museums like the Te Papa & Auckland War Museum. However, small towns and hamlets throughout the country will also showcase local history, including the famed Waitangi Treaty Grounds and Sir Peter Jackson's Omaka Aviation Museum.

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