Luxury & Boutique Accommodations

Exclusive accommodations with 5-star appointments featuring top service & cuisine.
Perfect for discerning visitors who are celebrating a special moment in life.

Cuisine & Dining Experiences

Expect the highest levels of service & cuisine. Many properties will collaborate with celebrity chefs for special menus and label tastings. Professional waitstaff serve local produce freshly sourced from New Zealand suppliers. Guests dine in unique settings and will expect to receive memorable dining experiences.

Amenities & Wellness Services

Spas and wellness offerings showcase the tranquility of the New Zealand native forest and its unique ecosystems. Expect peaceful uninterrupted views across the country's landscape,  in-room massage options and private treatment facilities. Gorgeous native flora and natural settings help guests recover and reconnect.

Noteworthy Locations & Architecture

Rarely relegated to urban environments, luxury properties in New Zealand celebrate the country's many idyllic locations. Whether interested in cliff-side super-luxury or exclusive mountainous retreats, you may expect the perfect combination of comfort and connection to the environment.

Cost Estimates

$1000+ NZD per person/ per night
  • Highest-quality furnishings with the small touches and expected attention to aesthetic details.
  • Professionally designed interiors with curated art features & state-of-the-art technology
  • Full gourmet a la care breakfast, Pre-dinner drinks & canapes, Multi-course gourmet dinner
  • Access to all facilities: Pool, Spas, Masseuse options, Gymnasiums, etc.
  • Quiet and private rooms with fresh air, original art, adequate storage for luggage, working desk, reading chair.