Air New Zealand Unveils More Choices for Service Class Seats

After five years in development, Air New Zealand recently provided details for its new cabin set up.  Due to arrive in 2024, Air New Zealand’s new fleet of 787-9 Dreamliners will give customers more service class seating choices than ever before. 

These aircraft will give customers the option of seven (7!) seating choices.  Referred to as “The Cabin of Possibility” it includes Business Premier Luxe, Business Premier, Premium Economy, Economy, Economy Stretch, Economy Skycouch, and Skynest.

So, what is new in each service class and what has changed?


There is a new addition to the front of the Air New Zealand cabin and it is the beautiful Business Premier Luxe seat.  This is a choice for customers who want the ultimate amount of space and privacy- with a seat that transforms into a lie-flat bed, a large LCD screen, fully closing door and space for two to dine.

Air New Zealand Business Premiere Lux


A favorite with our clients for many years, the Business Premier seat will receive a new configuration as well. While still retaining a private “pod” or “nest” for a great sleep (with a seat that transforms into a lie-flat seat) the new config will allow middle rows to open to each other. So, if you are traveling with a companion you can have more access to them during the flight to talk and enjoy a meal together. A larger LCD screen will be perfect for watching films and on-board entertainment.

Air New Zealand Business Premiere “pod”


Premium Economy seats have also received an overhaul, with a new ergonomic shell designed seat a 19-inch seat width.  The seat offers more privacy, and provides the ability to recline without interrupting the passenger behind you. While Premium Economy has always been a great choice between Business and Economy, Air New Zealand continues to improve the experience, and we are excited to see these in action.

Air New Zealand Business Premiere


Getting a lot of buzz since its press release is Air New Zealand’s latest innovation. Touted as a likely for economy class travel, the Skynest is a group of six sleeping pods which will be placed between the Premium Economy and Economy seats. Think of bunk beds, where you can lie-flat, stretch out and get a few hours of sleep during your journey.  The six individual pods will be available for both Premium Economy and Economy class passengers in a 4-hour time slot, with 30 minutes in between each group. Yet to be determined is the price for booking one of the sleep pods.

Air New Zealand Skynest


The Skycouch has been very popular with The Best of New Zealand clients for years. It’s great for younger kids and allows them to lay flat and get sleep. We are excited to see that these too have been upgraded for more comfort and space.  You can sit, spread out, or lie down and sleep.  Share the space or keep it all to yourself.

Air New Zealand Skycouch


As the name suggests, these seats will give economy class passengers more room to “stretch their legs” than a regular Economy seat.  The seats have a zone pitch of 35 inches (an extra 4 inches compared to Economy).

Air New Zealand Economy Stretch


The Economy seat has also received a makeover, with an enhanced seat designed with more storage, comfort, and space and a 50% bigger entertainment screen.

Air New Zealand Economy Seat Screens

Also, of note is the addition of a Sky Pantry for Premium Economy and Economy cabins. During the flight, rather than clicking the attendant button, customers can get up and stretch and grab a bite to eat or hydrate at their leisure.

Other notes for the design:

  • The cabin interior design has been inspired by the uniqueness of New Zealand, from the forest-inspired carpet to the seats that draw inspiration from the Tui, a native bird.
  • Sustainability has been at the heart of the design process as well. Changes to the fabrics used in the Business Premier and Premium Economy cabins will reduce overall carbon emissions.  Service-ware will also change to help reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions.

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