Safety Tips While Traveling

We hope your time in New Zealand will be an opportunity to leave daily responsibilities at home, however with a few travel tips you can avoid longer-term headaches and challenges pertaining to cyber-security. New Zealand is a very safe country, but any International travel should be treated accordingly.

Electronics: We suggest keeping packing as light as possible when it comes to devices. While mobile service is available in most places around New Zealand please save yourself the hassle and only bring devices you absolutely need. Keeping track of valuable is easier and keeping things tucked away reduces not only your security risk but the risk of losing things along the way!

Credit Cards & Wallets: We suggest keeping your wallet light- taking only ID cards and credit cards you plan to use is good policy. Don’t bother with debit cards if you can help it. New Zealand also doesn’t accept American Express in most areas so it’s a good idea to have at least two payment options available. Credit cards usually have strong fraud protection in case your security is comprised while away but to be extra sure, you may want to let the credit companies know you will be away and opt in to receive fraud alerts.

Leave Your Itinerary with someone at Home: Letting a family member or close friend have access to your daily schedule is good practice. Should anything go wrong, they can easily call/ email accommodations to ensure you have arrived safely.

We hope these suggestions help bring you peace of mind and make your trip more enjoyable!

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