Hundertwasser Art Centre and Wairau Māori Art Gallery to Open 2021

By the time International visitors can visit New Zealand next year there should be a premium new art and cultural experience- scheduled to open at Christmas 2021. Located on the water in central Whangārei (roughly 2 hours north of Auckland) the Hundertwasser Art Centre and Wairau Māori Art Gallery will appeal to art lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Per a recent release by Northland tourism, the art precinct will feature

  • An iconic building which, in itself, will be a work of art, and unlike anything else in the Southern Hemisphere. There are 56 people currently employed on the project, including expert artisans working on custom-made tiling!
  • Artworks from Hundertwasser – an internationally renowned artist, who moved to NZ, became a Kiwi and lived in a remote part of Northland.
  • New Zealand’s first dedicated permanent gallery of contemporary art at the Wairau Māori Art Gallery.
  • A celebration of indigenous biodiversity, with an afforested rooftop featuring 200 plants, including the rarest plant in the world.
  • An environmentally aware projectwith 30,000 chipped bricks and 3kms of recycled timber.
  • An event centre and theatre offering learning programmes and discovery activities.
  • A new restaurant offering.
  • A bespoke museum store featuring quality products from Europe and New Zealand, including Māori craft and design.

This museum will be a perfect stop for those making the day trip between Auckland and the Northland.