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Manea- Footprints of Kupe Opens in the Northland

Newly opened last week, Manea ‘Footprints of Kupe’ is open for visitors to join a journey of discovery through the eyes of New Zealand’s first discoverer, Kupe, to Aotearoa and Hokianga. This is New Zealand’s first story, and one of national significance! Enjoy an authentic and interactive experience hosted and delivered by Kupe’s descendants, which connects you…

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Hundertwasser Art Centre and Wairau Māori Art Gallery to Open 2021

By the time International visitors can visit New Zealand next year there should be a premium new art and cultural experience- scheduled to open at Christmas 2021. Located on the water in central Whangārei (roughly 2 hours north of Auckland) the Hundertwasser Art Centre and Wairau Māori Art Gallery will appeal to art lovers and nature…

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2021 Predictions for New Zealand Travel

Greetings, It’s the end of 2020 and what a year it has been. Good riddance! Who would have thought we would be here a year ago? Hopefully by this time next year Covid will be in the rearview (or at least managed) and some of you will enjoying the beauty of the Antipodes. As we look…

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