Regional Spotlight: Hiking in The Coromandel – Karangahake Gorge

Located just south of the Coromandel peninsula, the Karangahake Gorge offers a nice day trip for hikers in transit between the Coromandel and Rotorua. Great for families, and for those interested in a bit of history of the region, this historic walkway is centered around an old railway line. Along the way are discarded remains of old machinery once used to mine gold!

The area offers several trails to choose from- all of them easily done in a few hours. Trails are smooth underfoot and travel through lush rainforest. Paths line the river and move over bridges that span the gorge.

Note: The “Old Railway Tunnel” and “Widows Walk” are both really fun and offer small adventures in abandoned tunnels. Bring a flashlight, as at one point it can get pretty dark for a bit!

Photo: Adam Crouchley


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