New Zealand Defeats CV19, So Where Do We Go from Here?

New Zealand today has reported that corona virus (CV19) has been “defeated” and that the number of new cases in the country has dwindled to a point that the government can begin to relax restrictions. This is fantastic news for the people of New Zealand, and for those who have friends in the country! We hope that these wins mean that there is light at the end of the tunnel regarding the entire CV19 pandemic.

However, the question remains as to when New Zealand, and Australia for that matter, will open the borders for tourism. As of today we can only sit and wait.

From what we have been reading, and in speaking with contacts and partners, both countries are taking similar steps to look domestically and then locally prior to opening to global visitors.

Below are a few thoughts as to how these phases to open may occur and thoughts on what they may mean for opening to global tourism:

“Don’t Leave Town Until You’ve Seen the Country”

Until borders are re-opened, New Zealand and Australia will market domestic tourism. This article looks back on a similar campaign within New Zealand from the 1980s. It’s timely, as the idea of higher domestic tourism spend was top of mind even prior to the corona virus pandemic.

  • However, the infrastructure set up for international tourism (guides, accommodations, etc.) will not be supported with simply more Kiwis moving within the country. New Zealand needs an additional inflow of money, as trading New Zealand dollars between countrymen will not be sustainable.

Travel Bubble

As a way of increasing the pool of capital there has been talk of New Zealand and Australia becoming more tightly-connected. Although each country has addressed how they handled CV19 differently, because each can control their borders, they can perhaps open to each other to spur cross-tourism.

  • This would be a great step in the direction to more open borders with the rest of the world and we would love to see this happen very soon, even if the borders are closed to other countries for the time being. Why? It means there is a method to secure travel and a structure to establishing trust.

As to where and when the rest of the world travels- we will continue to stay close to the situation and post as much as we can! In the mean time, take care!

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