2000th Brown Kiwi Chick!

In New Zealand the amount of hard work and dedication that has been focused on saving the kiwi is incredible. This once endangered species is still listed as vulnerable, but thanks to organizations like the National Kiwi Hatchery Aotearoa great efforts are taking place to ensure a healthy population.

In fact, they are about to celebrate the arrival of the 2,000th brown kiwi chick – a great triumph that the hatchery has been working toward since 1995!  

If interested, you can view the first-in-the-world live stream and follow the 2,000th egg as it hatches!  

According to the website: “The egg was laid somewhere between 75 and 78 days ago and the chick is expected to hatch sometime within the next 24 hours.”  

Click here for more info: https://www.nationalkiwihatchery.org.nz/watch-our-2000th-kiwi-hatching/


Nikita Chansin reports

In the early hours of Wednesday 13th of November, our 2000th kiwi hatched! The hatching went really smoothly, and the chick is doing great, finding its feet and starting to fluff up nicely.

Attached is the official media release on this fluffy wee bird!

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